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Special note for the nay-sayers and those who doubt us. space
Throughout history, man's attempts to accomplish the previously impossible were met with opposition by those unable to accomplish anything themselves. It's sad, but true: There are those who can only find satisfaction in putting down those seeking to accomplish great things. In order for them to feel important, they must resort to telling everyone in earshot why so and so's idea can not possibly work. For some this compulsion borders in the maniacal.

The Wright brothers were told repeatedly, both to their faces and in the newspapers, that man would never fly. We are fortunate that they chose not to listen to the nay-sayers, but to listen to their hearts instead.

Thus it is with our dream. While most support us, there are a vocal few who slander us publically while they hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. Some say it can not be done and others say this is a scam.

To them we say, "It is you who are scamming others, by attempting to rob them of their chance to do something great. If you do not feel our idea has merit, then do not join us. We only ask that you stand aside and let those who believe in reaching for the future the chance to try, and to try without interference."

"If this were a scam, we would have taken steps to hide our identities, and we would be asking for a lot more than ten dollars. If you want to see who we are, then do a WhoIs search on our domain name. We have been totally open about the whole concept, and our website. We have answered your questions, and when you didn't like our answers because they show your claims have no merit, you accuse us of evading the issues. That is not true. We have answered your questions."

"We have nothing to hide. Do you?"

To the thousands who have joined us, support us, and believe in our dream, we thank you. Those of vision have always walked a path of obstacles. Do not let the nay-sayers deter you from your dreams, no matter what they are. Follow your dreams, and leave the nay-sayers behind. You won't miss them one bit.

Thank you.
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