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Take me back to the home page. The following is the user's agreement for membership in "The Time Travel Fund(tm)". Read it very carefully and make sure you fully understand and agree to each and every statement of this membership agreement before you join. space

1. Membership in a fund such as ours may be illegal in certain situations, states or countries. To the best of our (and our legal advisors) knowledge, this is legal in all fifty states in the United States Of America; however laws change, particularly when those in charge of the laws are afraid of something different, or perceive that ideas such as ours may somehow "threaten" their base of power. If you believe your membership in this fund is somehow illegal, then do not join.

2. The results we hope for, namely for the deposits in the fund to grow over a very long time, and for us (and our members) to one day be brought into the future, are pure speculation. We can not, and will not, make any guarantees. We are taking all the steps we can think of to make this come to pass, but nothing in life is guaranteed. If it works, great! If it doesn't, then you are only out ten bucks. If you can not afford ten dollars to invest in the fund, then do not invest in the fund.

3. $10 buys you a membership into the Time Travel Fund. Here is what we do with the $10:
$1.00 of each $10.00 membership is put into the investment fund.
$1.00 of each $10.00 membership is put into a maintenance fund, the purpose of which is to insure any future necessary legal fees are covered. This is to protect the integrity of the investment fund itself.
The remaining $8.00 will be used to print and mail your certificate (packaging and postage included,) place and maintain your name and information in our database, and to cover the associated costs of running the website and database, including web hosting fees and regular backups stored in different locations as described below.

4. The database will be backed up and maintained off site from the web site itself. In addition, a hardcopy will also be maintained. At first, the backups will consist of the database being copied to high-quality CD-R disks. As the technology improves, the backups will be kept on the latest and most durable media format. We will make every reasonable effort to insure the data survives into the future where it can be used.

5. There is no time limit to how long this fund may exist. It may take five hundred years, or it may take five thousand years or more for the technology to become viable. It also may be possible that the technology will never become viable, or that the human race will bomb itself back to the stone age. We don't know the answers, we can just hope for the best.

6. The point in time where you may be retrieved from is entirely up to the people on the other end of the equation. Since we don't know how their technology will work, we can not predict when in your lifetime it will work. If you have a special request, we will be happy to put your request into the database, but again it's up to the people in the future to decide at what point you get retrieved from.

7. The fund will not sell or give away your personal information. We may, however, occasionally send you an e-mail with news of how the fund is doing, or any major changes or problems that may arise. You are responsible for notifying us should your e-mail address change. Should your e-mail address become invalid and we do not receive a new address, you will NOT be dropped out of the fund. You will simply be unable to receive updates and additional information from us. To control and reduce costs, we will only communicate with you by e-mail, except for the mailing of your certificate and associated directions. You are, however, free to communicate with us by US postal mail, but we reserve the right to respond exclusively by e-mail. You must include your e-mail address in any correspondence with us, or we can not answer you..

8. Along with your certificate, you will receive directions for updating your address, as well as directions for putting in your will the necessary information to insure we are notified of the place, date and time of your death so our records can be updated. Should we see a need for additional information, we will contact you by your last known e-mail address. At no point are you required to give us this information, but not giving it could result in a reduced chance of success for you in this endeavor.

9. The money from your membership  fee that is put into the fund, and the interest it earns, belongs to the fund. Your percentage will be given to you in the future in the event of success of our goal. You or your heirs may not request the money back just because you decide you no longer want to participate, or your heirs decide they see a quick way of getting some cash. The money is for your benefit, not theirs. Leave them some money in your will, if you like. Further, should you decide you no longer wish to participate in the fund, the percentage taken from your membership fee, and interest it has earned will be moved over to the maintenance fund as described above. You will not receive it back.

10. The conditions of the fund and this agreement are subject to change at any time, without advanced notice. Should changes be necessary due to law, improvements in the fund or any other requirements, we will make an effort to notify you by e-mail, plus any changes will be posted on the website. In all cases, we will strive to insure the end purpose of the fund remains the same.

11. The fund itself is a non-profit fund and a separate legal entity from the corporation running this website. "The Time Travel Fund(TM)" entity is a for-profit corporation who's purpose is to establish, maintain and promote the actual investment fund itself. Profits from the web site will be used for this purpose. In all cases, the money invested for your  eventual benefit will be to a separate non-profit fund to be established when resources grow large enough to set it up the way we anticipate. We hope, but can not guarantee, that the fund will be fully established sometime before the end of the year. This goal is dependent upon the response we get and the number of people who join.

12. Once again, there are no guarantees this will work. Life itself is a crap shoot. We can only make plans and hope for the best. That is what this fund is about - hope.

13. We are currently accepting payments thru PayPal only, to reduce costs and overhead, and to provide an outside source of records. If you do not have an account with PayPal, then it is easy to join if you wish, or you can use your credit card there too. Read the fine print at their site for more info.

14. If you do not agree fully with the statements made above, then by all means, decline.  If you do agree, and wish to join the fund, then enter your name exactly as you want it to appear on your certificate, and click on the link below that says "I agree."

(Note: One request - when you register, please use an e-mail address for a box that is not full.
You will also have an opportunity to enter your shipping address, which will allow us to process your request faster otherwise we will use the default address provided by PayPal.  Thank you.)

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